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5 Dental Concerns that Crowns Resolve

Dental crowns are one of the best techniques that today’s dentistry has to offer. Crowns can be the right solution for a variety of dental care needs. You might be surprised at how many dental and appearance concerns a crown can help!

Neda Zadeh, DDS, and her team offer custom crowns from Vasona Family Dentistry in Los Gatos, California. Here are just some of the reasons why Dr. Zadeh might recommend a crown for her new and existing patients.

1. Weak or worn down teeth

A crown sits on top of your natural tooth – hence the name! Dr. Zadeh can use a crown to strengthen weak or damaged teeth so you won’t risk breakage down the road. Your custom crowns can last for ten years or more with good oral hygiene and the right dental care.

2. Broken or damaged teeth

If you have a broken tooth, a crown may be able to hold the pieces together effectively. Crowns are often placed with two appointments, a first appointment to prepare the tooth and a second to secure the permanent custom crown. You may need a temporary crown to protect your tooth while you wait for your permanent crown to be ready.

3. Topping off dental repairs

If you need a large filling, Dr. Zadeh might recommend a crown to finish your dental repair due to loss of tooth structure. Crowns can also protect the integrity of your tooth after you have a root canal performed. We form your custom crown from a mold of your teeth, so it looks and feels natural in your mouth.

4. Covering a dental implant

To replace a lost or extracted tooth entirely, Dr. Zadeh can use a dental implant covered with a protective crown. After you’ve healed from your dental implant surgery, Dr. Zadeh and her team finish your implant by securing your crown to the dental implant’s abutment. This gives you a replacement tooth that feels and functions almost the same as your lost natural tooth.

5. Discolored or unattractive teeth

Your natural teeth might develop discoloration or have uneven sizing and shape. Depending on where your poor-appearing teeth are in your mouth, a beautiful porcelain or ceramic crown can be a solution for aesthetic concerns. We can match your crowns to any shade of smile for a seamless fit.

To learn more about how crowns could support and protect your dental health this winter, make your appointment at Vasona Family Dentistry today. You can request an appointment over the phone or book online with the tool.

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